We offer simple packages with transparent pricing, in fact we publish them here!


Start using/selling telecom now!


  • No minimum commitment
  • Use it for yourself, or resell it to your clients
  • 1,- Per Device
  • First number for free, more at 1€ per month
  • Low call rates
  • Free support
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Start selling telecom now!


  • Low Fixed Fee € 75,-
  • € 3,- Per Sub Customer
  • € 0,70 Per Device
  • € 1,7- Per Number
  • Free Wordpress Integration
  • Low Fee WHMC Integration
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White Label Reseller

Sell Telecom with your own brand


  • Low Fixed Fee € 175,-
  • € 3,- Per Subcustomer
  • € 0,50 Per Device
  • € 1,5 Per Number
  • Free Trunk Manager
  • Free Wordpress Integration
  • Low Priced WHMCS plugin
  • 100% White Label
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What is it anyway?

" Its awesome!, it really is "
Clustered 100% API driven telecom platform

Yumminova is a new telecom enabler that enables YOU to create the best product for YOUR client. We offer reseller and white label reseller packages and provide a FULLY integrated platform for your needs.

We provid u with all the tools u need in one single system. We use the latest in telecom to deliver a stable platform and are clustered in multiple zones for fail-over.

Non tech jibber jabber? Yumminova is an integrated platform for telecom. So if u want to get into VoiP, this is your solution.

  • Support

    Ready to receive awesome support? Its here


    All telecom service integrated


    White-label anything


    Your clients are happy, u are happy

The telecom team

This is us.. and you
Robert Bremer
Houskeeping and CEO
Not very nice, but goes for great products and customer satisfaction
Richard Fernando
support and client experience
Abhishek KB
Lead bit biter
Your Company
Development Ideas
Nice person that not only use our services, but also contribute to the development of the platform by requesting features and bringing ideas

Don't be a stranger

Strangers miss out

We are focused

And this is what we are focused on

We worked on almost any system available including Avaya systems, PortaOne etc. We needed numerous providers and other services to be able to sell our clients a product. We needed to login to various GUIs to buy numbers, add them, then create them on system B.. time consuming and annoying…. We wanted to change that badly…

be in control

Being a reseller is not always fun. U are responsible for your clients happiness and you need the tools to achieve that goal. U dont have time to wait in a queu for someone that has no aswers. Thats why with Yumminova u get all the tools needed to stay in control. U get access to relevant logs, traces (PCAP) and CDR data plus some neat extras

real partership

Howdy Partner — Nice huh? We heard that one before. We where partners here and there and where hauled in plenty of times. U are a “Partner”.. wow.. but after the contracts are signed and the monthly high fee is paid u are just an other sucker waiting in the queue. We give our resellers and white label resellers a choice and a democratic voice.

great support

Any customer is BIG. There is no difference between large or small fish. U will get awesome support. For resellers we provide a lot of self service options such as direct access to logs and SIP traces. For whitelabel resellers the same. but what if u are not that tech savvy? Dont worry.. we do expect u to learn what u are using, but we support you and your business.